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Following a ruling by the WBF Executive the Masterpoint information from the World Championships in Wroclaw, Poland 2016 has been updated.

This mini web site is to show the latest Master Point information held by the World Bridge Federation.

These points are awarded to only to WBF organized events and some events held by other organizations under licence from the WBF.

Changes on this site:

14 Oct 2014: Changes made to Masterpoint awards from Bali because of Executive Judgement.


1. Clarification of how ranking from 4th downwards is arrived at for team events.

It was agreed that for events with a complete round robin that the final round robin ranking would be used to arrive at positions from 5th downwards. It was also agreed after some discussion that the placing points for the 5th place for the World Bridge Series, World Knockout Teams ( Open and Women ) should be extended to 8th place.

2. Online Masterpoints

It was decided that points should be available for 10 board events rather than the current minimum of 12. It was agreed to award 5 WOBP for 8 to 11 board events.

3. Clarification of the one-third qualifying rule for team events in the case of a team conceding.

If we assume team A is playing team B and team B concedes. Then the one third rule will not apply to team A and all players are deemed to have played the correct number of boards for that round. If any players in team B have not played sufficient boards to qualify for Masterpoints for that round then they will not be awarded these.

4. The Masterpoint Tables for the World Junior Championship and the World Youngsters Team Championships have been adjusted to award more Masterpoints for these events.

5. It was also felt that to maintain the balance of MP allocation between events that the World Youth Team Championships allocation should be reduced.

6. The Senior Bowl now should have Senior Masterpoints awarded to the teams qualifying in the qualifying zonals.


Adjustments to Masterpoint allocations for 2009

Please note that the rankings are sometimes shown as equal to other pairs/teams; this is because the Master point allocation is the same for a range of placings. Also in some WBF Zonals there are Zonal winners as well as the top players; these Zonal winners are allocated a small number of master points but their ranking is shown as either 0 or 'Zone-Winner'.

For a more detailed explanation please see the 'Master Point Rules' pages of this web site.

Mark Newton October 14, 2016

This information is a snapshot from the Official WBF Database currently maintained by Mark Newton If you have notified the WBF of changes they may not be reflected here until the next upload.